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Color the Wind 2018
Saturday, February 17, 2018
11 am to 4 pm 
10 N. Lakeview Drive
Clear Lake, Iowa

  It's confirmed!  Color the Wind 2018 is a "GO"!  Larry and our safety director, Ken Biretz, drilled test holes yesterday to check the safety of our intended flying field.  There is anywhere from 12" to 20" of ice and so the show will go on! 

Scott Arnburg has plowed out an ice highway for the guest kite flyers with access from the boat ramp at the South end of the seawall.  Vehicle use of the ice highway is restricted to our guest kite fllyers; otherwise, it's foot traffic only.  Other access to the flying field will be at the Lady of the Lake gate or the ramp at the far North end of the seawall walkway.  Again, these are for for foot traffic only.  Please DO NOT attempt to climb over the ice heaves that have built up along the seawall for your own safety!  

Come dressed warmly and enjoy the festival!  It's going to be the best ever! 


Ice conditions on Clear Lake as of February 10th are EXCELLENT!    The current DNR report shows 16-20"of ice on the lake.  Avoid getting too close to aerated areas or ice heaves where ice may be thinner.  


Public Wine and Cheese Reception for Kite Flyers
 Clear Lake Arts Center- 5:30 to 7:30 Friday evening, February 16th 
Free Appetizers and Live Music by Zack Carll
Cash Bar
Meet the Kite Pilots While You Browse the Art Collection
Everyone is welcome!

Kite making workshop for kids 

9 am to Noon
Clear Lake Arts Center
17 South 4th St.
(Kites limited to 100)


There will be a flying field especially for small kites and kids at City Beach, South of the seawall.
This provides a place to fly  without interference from stunt kites or BIG kites.  If you find by flying the free kites that your kids (and you) enjoy the sport, stop into the "Kite Shop" in the Lakeview Room to do an "upgrade".  Better equipment always adds to the enjoyment of any sport!
SAFETY FIRST!  While we do have Safety Directors on the flying field, we can't be everywhere and see everything.  Parents....please stay near your young children!

Fire and Ice Stunt Kite Team 

Paul Koepke, Kathy Brinnehl and Mark Ledvina......The Fire and Ice Stunt Kite Team!

Stunt Kite Demonstrations
Periodically throughout the day, our stunt kite teams Fire and Ice and 180Go will perform kite "dances" choreographed to music on the ice in front of the downtown seawall.
Fire and Ice fly two line kites while Team 180GO uses "quads" or four line
kites.    Team flying takes a lot of skill, precision and practice!  Don't miss them!


CBS Sunday Morning Will Be Here!
Mark Hudspeth, CBS Sunday Morning TV show producer, has confirmed that he, his film crew along with Lee Cowan will be traveling to Clear Lake to film the event and do interviews in conjunction with it. We are very excited to welcome them to Clear Lake!


How to Get the Most Fun Out of the Day
First and foremost DRESS FOR THE WEATHER!  You will need to wear a hat, boots, gloves and a warm coat!  "Longies" are good, too! Sunglasses are a must!
Come prepared to stay all day so you don't miss anything!  The kite displays change throughout the day and the "Dancing Kite" routines by our stunt kite teams happen periodically during the day.
Bring your lawn chairs and blankets and set up in your own vantage point.  Set up your own "tailgate" party!
Make use of the warming house and rest rooms in the Lakeview Room.
Get a hot lunch at the food wagon on site or venture uptown to one of the great eateries there.  Home baked sweet treats will be available in the Lakeview Room.
Bring or purchase your own kite and join the fun out on the flying field!
Talk to the kite flyers; ask your questions!  They love to share their knowledge of the sport!
Be safe!  Stay inside the marked "safe zones".  We have a Safety Team out on the lake.  If they ask you to move, please do so for your own safety.  BIG kites can be dangerous. 


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